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Detective Paul Grunning is trying to piece together his fractured life. When a routine disturbance at the Ulster House turns into an unexplainable death, all he has worked for will be tested.

James McDonald is Grunning, an ailing, addicted cop, haunted by his own bad choices. He investigates the mysterious house, only to find shifting testimonies and perplexing new clues in every room. Sifting through the erratic claims of Emma, the victim's wife, Rachel, the seductive grad student, and Andrew, a bitterly resentful son... Grunning uncovers motives, but no real answers.

Ultimately, Grunning must navigate a fractured reality and his own insecurities to find what's real.



  Detective Paul Grunning
  Professor Roger Ulster
  Sarah Grunning
  Rachel Claris
  Andrew Ulster
  Emma Ulster
  Matty Grunning

For a full list of the cast, go to Fissure's listing on IMDB.com.



Nicholas Turner
  Director of Photography
Blake Calhoun
Bret McKinney
  Associate Producer
Rand Chesshir
  Associate Producer
Bryan E. Miller

For a full list of the crew, go to Fissure's listing on IMDB.com.

Fissure was produced by Top Pup Media.