Finishing out the rough edit

After two busy weeks of dedicated editing, I’ve got a good, solid 20 minutes laid down. And, I’m really pleased with everything about it. The performances are strong. The footage is great. The pacing is exactly what I had anticipated. When I play the rough edit for my wife, I think she starts biting her nails. That’s a good sign!

Using the moviemaking standard of one page per minute, I’m a bit ahead of the game, which I like. I’ve got 20 minutes roughed out, and I’m only on page 18. So, being “ahead of the game” is nice, because it gives me room to tighten up the edit and remove those things I don’t want.

Below are some photos from the edit. I’ve pulled them from the raw footage, which means they don’t have any color correction. Also, they are placed below in sequential order of the story. Can you tell what’s happening?

Nikki's counsel

Grunning on the phone


Junius House

Looking up the stairs

Matty flashback


Kitchen scene

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2 Responses to “Finishing out the rough edit”

  1. E. L. Says:

    Love the last grab… it captures so many things in that one frame… without feeling cluttered or distracting.
    Excited to see how this project unfolds! Everything looks great…

  2. Gary Says:

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