New Trailer, New Poster, New Headshots

Things are busy! And it’s good. As we put the final touches on the movie (music and sound), I was hoping things would slow down a bit. Quite the contrary–things are speeding up. But, it’s all good.

New Movie Trailer
We’ve finished our new movie trailer, and it’s amazing! It really captures the story and keeps you wanting more. If you get a chance, check it out.

New Movie Posters
Fissure poster frontFissure poster backWe’ve also finished work on our moive poster/one sheet. This is the 8.5″ x 11″ marketing one sheet that we use to market the film to distributors. More than likely, the distributor we sign will create their own one-sheet and movie trailer. But, we still need to market our film to them.

New Headshots
Russ HeadshotI don’t really like pictures of myself. It’s a lot like listening to your voice on a recording. “That’s not me!” Well, I feel the same way about pictures of myself. But, my publicist needed some headshots of the director, so my friend Kevin and I went out to Southlake Town Center and took some pictures.

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2 Responses to “New Trailer, New Poster, New Headshots”

  1. Geno Says:

    Thanks for the new trailer! The film looks very well-made and the acting is very good. Love the coloring.

    Do you have a DVD release date set? Are you going to get it rated by the MPAA?

    Just want to tell you again that it looks very professional. God bless!


  2. russ Says:

    Thanks fof the nice comments.

    We don’t have our DVD release date set yet. We’ll know more in the next few months. No, we don’t have our MPAA rating yet, but it will most likely be PG-13.