After development, we were ready to start production. But, you can’t really produce anything without any money. So, our next step was to raise the money.

There are a number of ways to raise money for a movie production.

Private Money
For first-time filmmakers, it’s always best to raise private money from private investors. That’s why you start with a low-budget feature, so you can quickly raise private money and get your film made. As your projects begin to grow in size and budget, then you can move into…

Pre-sale deals
This is where you agree to distribute with a certain company, and they promise to buy certain rights at x dollars.

Studio deals
Another option is to secure an agreement with a studio, who has much bigger channels of distribution. But, when a studio gets ahold of your project, you lose considerable control. And, it typically takes having one or two successful movies under your belt.

We are proud to announce that our project is fully funded. We have a single investor who is funding the project. So, we are a greenlight for production. Our new schedule is to do all of our pre-production in January, and start principal photography in February.

A special thanks to our an investor who is as excited about the project as we are. Thanks!

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