Cast and Crew Screening in Dallas

Inwood TheaterWe are having a private screening at the Inwood Theater in Dallas on Thursday, November 15th. You can register online by using the following link:

The movie will start promptly at 8:00pm. A Q&A session will follow immediately after the film. We will also have a cast & crew get together at the Inwood Lounge after the Q&A session.

If you are planning to attend, go to the above link and register. The screening is free, but reservations are required. We may call to confirm your reservations prior to the screening.

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One Response to “Cast and Crew Screening in Dallas”

  1. Eric Williamson Says:

    Russ, I enjoyed watching the movie at the premier last night. The look and feel of the show was nothing short of amazing. Alan and Omar; what can I say! What an incredible look they achieved. Sorry we couldn’t visit more. I’d like to talk with you about location sound challenges and how you technically achieved the uniform sound of the dialog in your edit.
    Do you plan any additional dialog sweetening? Just curious. Thanks for the showing and good luck on all future endeavors. Eric Williamson