Fissure on Beyond Hollywood

Fissure received a relatively positive movie review at Beyond Hollywood. The reviewer writes:

Even with its relatively few shortcomings, Fissure is still worth a look. It’s especially great fun to see how director Russ Pond has taken two distinct genres – sci-fi and crime – and melded them together in a unique way. In so doing, Pond has made unexpected fissures in our movie plot expectations, and mostly with great success.

If you get a chance, go read the full review.

The reviewer also spoils one of the key plot twist in the movie. So, if you haven’t seen Fissure, and you want to keep it a mystery, then you may want to wait.

Note: Interestingly, at the bottom of the review, there’s a picture of our poster and a link to buy the DVD. That’s cool, but our DVD isn’t out yet. So, don’t get all excited.

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