Fissure is now available on Amazon Prime

We’re excited to announce that Fissure can now be watched on Amazon Prime.

Here are some of the reviews from viewers:

“Well done! Actually left me thinking at first it was another haunting so I was pleasantly surprised with something different. Would make a pretty neat series.”

“A Lot of Twists and Turns, Held my Attention.”

“One of those, not sure what’s going on but you have to keep watching movies and then you go OOHHH now I understand, kinda!! Probably need to watch it twice.”

“Interesting concept. Enjoyed it.”

“Worth watching.”

“Pretty good movie but you really need to pay attention. Made no sense through most of the movie but you could tell something wasn’t right.”

“This is a very convoluted sci-fi movie with a much different twist on it than I have ever seen before, and it is so well done; especially the CGI, that it is spellbinding for a low-budget Indie production and proves how imagination can blend into a story-line to keep the audi9ence deeply involved right tup to and including the rolling of the credits! Good Job!”

“Engaging twisted plot.”

“Excellent movie that keeps you thinking. It took a very long time to reveal what was “wrong” but that made it worth watching. If this could only be real, it would give you a a chance to be forgiven and be to forgive, start life over if you should ever mess up. Awesome movie.”

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