2008 Film Festival Circuit

Now that Fissure is coming to a close, it’s time to hit the film festival circuit. Typcially, Sundance is the one key film festival to kick off the festival season. They have a requirement of only accepting “World Premiere” films. So, most people start with them.We have a very specific film festival strategy for Fissure. Here are the top tier festivals we will be targeting: 

Film Festival Deadline Event Date
Sundance (pass) Sep 28, 2007 Jan 17-27, 2008
Slamdance (pass) Oct 9, 2007 Jan 17-25, 2008
Palm Springs (pass) Oct 9, 2007 Jan 3-14, 2008
Berlin (pass) Nov 1, 2007 Feb 7-17, 2008
Santa Barbara (pass) Nov 16, 2007 Jan 24-Feb 3, 2008
SxSW (pass) Nov 16, 2007 Mar 7-15, 2008
Tribeca Jan 11, 2008 Apr 28-May 4, 2008
Victoria (pass) Oct 2007 Feb 1-8, 2008
LA Independent Nov 29, 2007 Jun 19-29, 2008
Dallas AFI (IN!) Dec 1, 2007 Mar 27-Apr 6, 2008
FirstGlance (IN!) Feb 1, 2007 Apr 10-13, 2008
Salem (IN!) Feb 29, 2008 Apr 18-20, 2008
Phoenix (pass) Dec 1, 2007 Apr 12-19, 2008
Vail (pass) Dec 1, 2007 Apr 3-6, 2008
Nashville Nov 30, 2007 Apr 17-24, 2008
Florida (pass) Nov 30, 2007 Mar 28-Apr 5, 2008
GenArt Nov 30, 2007 Apr 2-8, 2008
Ann Arbor (pass) Dec 1, 2007 Mar 25-30, 2008
Cannes   May 14-28, 2008
Hollywood   August 2008
Montreal   August 2008
Telluride   September 2008
Toronto September 2008
Venice   September 2008
Hamptons   October 2008
New York   October 2008
Radiance   October 2008
Tokyo   November 2008

We’re very excited about taking Fissure to some of the festivals. We’ll keep you posted!

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One Response to “2008 Film Festival Circuit”

  1. JB Says:


    Just wanted to comment that reading your blog is a wonderful reference for anyone new to film making. In it you have shown in some detail what steps MUST be taken to bring a film project to completion in this very long and always challenging journey. Now, with your finished product in hand, you enter the most important stage, that of letting the world see and validate your creation. It will be wonderful (and especially exciting for me!) to watch as you bring this intriguing project to the light of day.

    PS – I think anyone, on any level, who loves film and film making would do very well should they be fortunate enough to be able to enroll in the “Russ Pond School of Film”.

    Jim Blumetti