“Twitter” Contest

You can be a part of the Fissure.TV Twitter Contest, and we’re giving away prizes each week, like signed DVD’s, autographed photos and iPod shuffles! The prize for the week will be listed with the corresponding webisode.

Each time you post or retweet our “Weekly Twitter Message”, your tweet goes into a drawing. You may enter (retweet) as often as you’d like, but only a maximum of 10 tweets/retweets per day will apply towards your entries. Multiple retweets will increase your chances of winning. Winners will be selected randomly each week. Check out our Contest Rules for more information.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You must have a Twitter account to participate. If you don’t have one, click here to sign up for a free Twitter account. No purchase necessary.
  2. From your Twitter Account, follow us.
  3. Once you are following us, then simply retweet our “Weekly Twitter Message” to enter the contest.  The “Weekly Twitter Message” will appear below the weekly webisode.
  4. Each weekly contest will start when the new webisode is posted on Monday, and will close when the following webisode is posted a week later.  Each contest winner will be notified approximately one week after the close of the contest.
  5. That’s it!  Happy tweets!

And, don’t forget to register for our Grand Prize, a Flat Screen TV.  Check out our “Find the Clues” Contest for more details.

Twitter Contest Winners

  1. Week 1: @HazyOblivion (Autographed photo of Crystal Mantecon)
  2. Week 2: @brianrathbone (Autographed photo of James Macdonald)
  3. Week 3: @JacobNahin (iPod Shuffle)
  4. Week 4: @DonaBogart (Autographed photo of Crystal Mantecon)
  5. Week 5: @theresak214 (Autographed photo of James Macdonald)
  6. Week 6: @drhodes4 (iPod Shuffle)
  7. Week 7: @anaria (Fissure DVD)
  8. Week 8: @JJNextGenTV (iPod Shuffle)
  9. Week 9: @filmfestlounge (Fissure DVD)